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Amy’s Bread

February 22, 2011

Favorite part of cupcake blogging: eating cupcakes

Least favorite part (tie): trekking all over the city to find said cupcakes –and- actually blogging afterwards


The other week I was feeling hungry for a cupcake (nothing out of the ordinary there), but the weather was not too pleasant, so I knew I’d have to be stopping somewhere close to my apartment. After some searching, my friend Mike and I decided to hit up Amy’s Bread in Hell’s Kitchen (for the record, they also have locations in Chelsea and Greenwich Village).


So quaint! (And sanitary.)


Variety-wise, they only had a few different types of cupcakes. We were totally bummed that they were out of red velvet for the night and even considered getting a slice of their delicious-looking red velvet cake. In the end though, we decided on two different cupcakes.


First up was the Simply Yellow Cupcake with Pink Icing. ‘Cause yellow and pink are my favorite flavors! Haha….really, though. This was a good cupcake. Pretty moist cake (especially considering we ventured out at about 9 PM and it had probably been baked and sitting there since morning) and sweet, but not too sugary icing. Everything a cupcake should be!


We also got a Devil’s Food Cupcake with Chocolate Silk Frosting. I enjoyed this one as well, but I don’t think I’d get it again because I’m not really big on the Devil’s Food. And I need chocolate fudge frosting. NEEEED. Silk just doesn’t cut it for me.


And because he’s such a great friend, I shared with Mike. I mean, he DID walk all the way there with me and patiently waited while I took about 564 pictures for the blog. Thanks Mike!


The cupcakes are $2.50 each, and I’d say they are priced pretty fairly. Something to realize though…Amy’s is a full-service bakery. This is not a specialty cupcake shop. They have tons of different bread loaves, rolls, scones, muffins, cookies, cakes, café sandwiches, and apparently really good hot chocolate. I’ve also purchased some bread from Amy’s on a different occasion (cinnamon-raisin Challah for French toast! Best ever!) and in both of my experiences I’ve asked the staff for help in my decision-making process. THEY ARE SO FREAKING NICE IN THERE! I mean, I don’t ask for my cupcakes with a side of friendly, but boy is it yummier when it’s served! Go Amy’s!


Amy’s Bread

672 9th Ave. (btwn. 46th & 47th)

New York, NY 10036

(212) 977-2282

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