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Cake & Shake

February 28, 2011

After hitting up Shake Shack for the BEST BURGER in New York this afternoon, I knew it was cupcake time. (By the way, we hit up the UES location and got through the line in less than five minutes! And got a place to sit.)

After wandering around and apartment shopping (pointing at random Park Ave. beauties and declaring, “I want that one!”) in the east 80’s, we ended up at the Met! Not for art, but for cupcakes!016

I love all of the street food vendors in New York, but I’ll be honest- I never actually stop at any. Until today! Gourmet and organic cupcakes, anyone? Welcome to Cake & Shake! An adorable little food truck that offers lovely cupcakes and original shakes!


I browsed Cake & Shake’s website before going, and I was totally overwhelmed by all of the original flavor combinations they offered! 20 different types of cupcakes and even SAVORY cupcakes! Can I get a WHAT!?! I’d try the Sunrise—>cornbread cake stuffed with chicken, chilis, and cheese. They had really delicious-sounding shakes as well like Salted Caramel and Madagascar Vanilla. I’d love to come back for those! The prices were pretty fair, too. $3/cupcake and $5/shake. Other drinks (coffee, hot chocolate, bottled water) were $2.

Something that kind of sucked was that even though they have all of these different options, they aren’t ALL available every day. This actually worked out pretty well for me because picking out a flavor with 20 different options is nearly impossible. Heck, I had trouble deciding on two of the four offered today!


I decided though, and got ‘em to go! Bye bye Met! (Even though you are on my bucket list, and I WILL go before I leave New York).

First up today was the Tropicalia. Tahitian vanilla cupcake with pineapple mousse and salted caramel frosting. I loved the frosting, but honestly had to scrape some off because it was so rich! I can’t think of how to describe the cake, except that it was really cake-y. Not airy and light, but actual, substantial cake. I looooved it and I swear the pineapple mousse contained actual chunks of pineapple WHICH WAS AWESOME. I could have eaten this cupcake sans frosting and still been satisfied, but I’m glad it was there because these flavors really worked together!025

I followed this up a few hours later with the Whozeewhatsit. Milk chocolate cake, caramel mousse, and nougat frosting. Wowza! Loved this one! The cake was moist, yet crumbly with just the right amount of chocolate flavor and the frosting and nougat sweeeeeet. I seriously have no complaints! Awesome cupcake!028

Overall, I really liked Cake & Shake. I wish they had an actual storefront, though! Or more locations. Near my apartment. And offered more flavors each day. I guess it’s all about the novelty, though! Appreciate Cake & Shake for what it is….gourmet street food!

Cake & Shake

82nd St. and 5th Ave. in front of Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York, NY 10028

(718) 383-0046

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